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Futurist Consultant, Coolhunter, Market Researcher, Scenario and Contingency Planner, Strategic Advisor, Concept Artist
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As a futurist, Ersan hungers to make the future world a more fun, peaceful, survivable place. His methodology is to combat peoples’ shrinking sense of “now,” a phenomenon driven by the increasing pace of technological development, and to get audiences to extend their “inner telescopes” further out into the future by coaxing out the daydreamers in all of us.

This page explains how a futurist consultant can help your company. Specific services Ersan provides are: Scenario & Contingency Planning, Futurist Keynote Speaking, Trend Forecasting, Digital Marketing for the Short- and Long-term, Concept Art, and Product Design.


Armed with data revealing momentous trends, Ersan will guide your audience through their industry’s near future. To stay competitive in the evolving job market, which technologies will they be expected to have mastered in 10 years? How can they cope with the increasing pace of technological development? What kind of sociopolitical impact will X technology have? What are the moral issues we will have to face in the near future? What are the dangers we are likely to encounter as a result of new technologies, and how can we prevent catastrophe?

Some other questions Ersan has asked are:

• How will self-driving cars completely redefine the concept of ‘home’?
• Why and how should innovation be regulated?
• What can comment sentiment analysis tell us about emerging technologies?
• What are Thought Interfaces, and how will they transform humanity?


the-ersan-effectIs your company dealing with brand stagnation, declining sales or fierce competition, and is looking for that golden ticket out?

Consider bringing a futurist with a marketing background into your team. Before consulting as a futurist, Ersan managed digital marketing at a national law firm and used cutting-edge (white hat) strategies to bring exponential client growth.

Prior to that, Ersan was a marketing and advertising consultant. Specialties included modernizing branding, training clients in powerful messaging, and fulfiling on his commitment to making every client successful. To his chagrin, Ersan’s clients began referring to his results as “The Ersan Effect.” This was many moons ago. He has since embraced the term.

If your company seeks transformation, you may want to involve Ersan. The first consultation is free. Submit the contact form below.


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