Futurist Keynote Speaker

Ersan has been said to paint pictures with words, and to have the ability to connect with audiences on any topic. Whatever your industry, Ersan will deliver a compelling presentation. Your audience will be taken on a journey and left fulfilled and curious for more.

Ersan is available to speak at tradeshow events, colleges, conferences and corporate events. For inquiries, please submit the contact form below.

How is Ersan different from other futurist speakers?

Futurist keynote speakers are rare and in high demand. Still, if you’re looking for a passionate, experienced speaker to add to your event’s roster, you do have many options. So how is Ersan different from other futurist speakers?

  • Ersan’s age allows him to reach a broad audience.
    He’s young for a professional futurist, but not too young. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Gen X’er, Millenial, or Baby Boomer. Ersan’s presentations will evoke something out of you.
  • Ersan uniquely understands the interplay between tradition and the future.
    As a Turk born in America, Ersan has an intimate understanding forces shaping the world.

    Geographically, Turkey is in a prime spot: where East meets West. But it’s also where ages-old tradition meets cutting-edge technological innovation. Politically, Turkey is divided down the middle. Liberals and conservatives are equally outspoken and willing to act on behalf of their beliefs. It’s a modern country, but smaller and far more volatile than the United States.

    Turkey is like what meteorologists would call a supercell, a huge rotating thunderstorm, a place where cold and warm fronts meet. This is where tornadoes are given birth. Volatility—fickle environments—speed up evolution. According to George Friedman in The Next 100 Years, Turkey will begin to develop military capabilities in space and become a major world power which threatens the United States within the next couple decades. If that happens, Ersan plans to be involved in the peacemaking because war is archaic.

    Ersan grew up amongst this unique state of constant flux between tradition and the future. It’s probably why he’s a professional futurist.

  • Ersan is a concept artist.
    He has the ability supplement speaking engagements with his own concept art. It’s one thing to hear a futurist speak; it’s another to get inside his head and visualize exactly how he sees things.


While the below topics are preferences, Ersan is available to knock the socks off of any audience in any industry.

• Future Transporation & Self-Driving Cars
• Coolhunting / Pop Culture / Fashion / Brand Development
• Catastrophe Prevention
• The Future of Marketing
• Technology & Product Design
• Educational Reform
• Social Reform


Consulting or Speaking Inquiries

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