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SayDo: These Earbuds of the Future May Become Your Friend

Take a look at a product concept I designed. You can click the image above to see the full infographic.

It’s called SayDo. “To do, you only need say.” In the near future (5-10 years), a similar product should become ubiquitous. It’s essentially a better way of interacting with your mobile device. Or it may be your mobile device (supplemental visuals may come from glasses, contacts or even implants). The real product may not have a cheesy brand name like “SayDo,” but it will definitely be the standard tool that humans worldwide use to interface with their mobile devices. :)

SayDo will be more invaluable than any mobile device you carry around — because it will be your connection to ALL devices around you.

SayDo may even become your friend. More on that later.

But First…

To really get a sense of how much SayDo will transform your life, let’s first look at history. Specifically, how have electronic device User Interfaces advanced?

  1. Computer keyboards have keys denoting letters. As an interface, it’s really kinda crappy. You can only type single letters, to form words, to make sentences….it’s sooooooo slooowwwww compared to real-time speech.
  2. Touch screens originally mimicked keyboards in the sense that one touch = one character. But now we have swiping, which lets you draw curved lines between letters. I just did a test. It took me 18 seconds on a Galaxy Note 3 to type out: “This is an unscientific and sloppy experiment.” But when I swiped it? 7 seconds! An incredible difference. By swiping, you can get almost three times as many words in. Day in, day out, you can input three times as much information into your mobile device. This is huge.
  3. Speech is the next major step in User Interfaces. It exists now, but the technology sucks. My analytics show that 95% of my blog readers use iPhones or Android phones. How many of you use Siri, Google Now, S Voice, etc? My intuition says that most of you don’t. Why? Because the technology is not accurate. The processing power isn’t there (yet) to flawlessly interpret your words, adapt to your voice, inflections, and cute little speech impediments. This is the single reason speech-driven technology hasn’t taken off.

But what happens when the accuracy is there?

I think it will happen within 3-10 years.

Compared to texting, speaking lets me communicate 9 times as much information!

Check this out.

It took me 18 seconds to text: “This is an unscientific and sloppy experiment.”

And 7 seconds to swipe it.

Guess how long it took me to say it? 2 seconds.

This is where a technology like SayDo comes in. You’ll need a product that is tiny and out-of-the-way to interact with. It will have to understand your speech, and it will have to speak back to you.

SayDo’s Capabilities

  • GPS Navigator
  • Telephone
  • Music Player
  • News Reader
  • Real-Time Translator
  • Internet Search Assistant

It will adapt to your unique way of speaking. Out of the box, you’ll probably need to configure it by reading a couple pages of text.

It will recognize your voice’s “acoustic fingerprint” for advanced security. Only you can use it.

It will be small and so comfortable that you can leave it in all day and forget about it.

It will piggyback on powerful 5G wireless networks when extra processing power is needed.

The Coolest Part

It will interact with other devices around you.

I estimate that 10-20 years from now, your earpiece will be more than just bluetooth on steroids. It will be the voice of an AI that you can communicate with conversationally.

You will be able to talk with it like this:

  • “SayDo, brew me a decaf latte today. Start my car in 7 minutes. I heard about the accident on i-70. What’s the quickest route to my 8am appointment? I may want to drop a contract off at Jarod’s. Do I have enough time?”
  • “SayDo, order one large pizza from EatsaPizza on Havana. Carryout. Need it rushed again. Tip them 25% and apologize and tell Sam I hope his mom is feeling better.”
  • “SayDo, read newest Google News headlines containing phrase ‘sherlock season 4 release date’ and filter out all websites with popularity index less than 8.”
  • “SayDo, I’m lost. Where am I?”
  • “SayDo, how do I tell this Chinese man that his soup was delicious? I don’t know if he speaks Mandarin – reference the conversation we just overheard. Remember to speak slowly. I can’t pronounce as well as you.”

One day, SayDo may even become your friend. :)

Ersan Seer

Ersan Seer is a futurist consultant, coolhunter, market researcher, strategic advisor, and concept artist. Ersan hungers to make the future world a more peaceful, survivable place.  → Read More & Book Ersan Seer

One Response to SayDo: These Earbuds of the Future May Become Your Friend

  1. Tyler says:

    One of the biggest issues with listening devices currently is that you have to wake them verbally. If I’m using a device like this, I don’t want to have to say “SayDo” or “Google” or “Alexa” every time I ask a question. It’s embarrassing. There needs to be a touch option, whether it’s on the device itself or on a separate pin, ring or item you carry in your pocket.
    Basically: *finger tap* “what time is it?” *finger tap* “call Bob”
    If you still want to have a wake word, we should have the ability to choose our own word.

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