Scenario and Contingency Planning

scenario-and-contingency-plannerDo any of these apply to your company?

• It’s expanding rapidly. You aren’t sure which baskets to put your eggs in. Should you invest in marketing – leveraging digital channels like social media, landing pages, mobile apps, PPC, etc? Should you invest in a culture overhaul and focus on nurturing employee satisfaction? Should you invest in brand reputation, public relations, crisis management? These are all questions that different types of specialist consultants can answer. But none of them can answer the questions in the way a futurist can. It’s my job to look for pinpoint current momentous trends and forecast how things will go for your company and industry.

• Are you considering unveiling a technology-in-development early, in order to garner public enthusiasm? (Free advice: don’t rush into it.)

• Are you on the verge of releasing an unprecedented product?

• Have the executives decreed that it’s time for re-branding or a cultural shift, and you’d like an opinion from someone other than your marketing agency (whose job, let’s face it, is to upsell you)?

• Are you simply struggling to navigate through the glorious possibilities for your project, company, or industry? Do you want help from someone whose job it is to understand the future?

Ersan’s talented at forecasting the future. It’s what he does for a living.

If you need a bulletproof strategy to achieve a specific objective in the short- or long-term future, consider bringing Ersan into the team. There’s always a need for corporate strategic advising and tactical planning from a futurist’s perspective. Ersan will work with your team to create reliable strategies that work.


Here’s a snapshot of his methodology.

• STEP ONE. Ersan will work with your team to forecast 3 futures within a specific time frame: desired, worst-case, probable.

• STEP TWO. Together, the team will work backwards from those futures to crystallize a strategy which avoids pitfalls, plans contingencies for disaster recovery, uncovers blind spots, “attracts” desired scenarios, and encourages accountability at each milestone and by every team member.

• STEP THREE. The only perfect strategy is the adaptable one. The team will regularly track and analyze Key Performance Indicators, modify the strategy, and routinely exit less profitable programs.

The strategy will be designed to work.

If your company is in need of transformation, you may want to talk to a corporate strategic advisor / tactical planner / scenario and contingency planner like Ersan. Submit the contact form below.


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